About Us


ThinkFoodGroup, the company behind José Andrés’ group of restaurants, has a singular mission: To Change the World Through the Power of Food.

Every endeavor is driven by the importance we place in this driving purpose as well as our core values:

Core Values

The diverse array of restaurants that make up ThinkFoodGroup span cuisines and cultures, price points and service styles. From two 2-Michelin starred restaurants to game-changing small plates restaurants to fast casual eateries and a food hall, the company offers unparalleled culinary experiences for every taste. Our restaurants serve a wide variety of global cuisines, including Spanish, American, Mexican, Greek, Peruvian and beyond, each one telling the unique stories gathered by José and the ThinkFoodGroup team through years of travel, research, experimentation and inspiration.

The ThinkFoodGroup culinary team, composed of chefs from all around the world and with a wide variety of experience, aims to create thoughtful, ingredient-driven flavors and dishes that look toward innovation while still maintaining respect for authenticity and tradition.

Our portfolio spans most major US gateway cities and will soon reach across the globe, with our acclaimed Spanish brand Jaleo debuting in Dubai in 2020 and other brand expansions currently in development. Based in Washington, DC, the company also recently opened a satellite office in Barcelona, Spain.


In 1993, two Washington, DC-area restaurateurs, Rob Wilder and Roberto Alvarez, convinced a 23-year old Spanish chef to come to the city to open a new Spanish concept. That chef was José Andrés and the restaurant was Jaleo, the now-iconic tapas restaurant that celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2018 and includes five locations nationwide.

With Jaleo, José introduced a new concept to many American diners: tapas. It may be hard to imagine a time before small plates took over the restaurant scene, but José and his restaurants – from Jaleo to Zaytinya to Oyamel and beyond – were early drivers of the shared plates movement.

José’s prominence and role in American and Spanish gastronomy has continued to grow ever since, from local chef to national icon embodying the true power of food in our world. Throughout the last 25 years, José and the ThinkFoodGroup team have dedicated themselves to not only creating unforgettable culinary experiences at every price point, but also giving back to their communities and the world they inhabit.