Mother’s Day Recipe

Chef Rodolfo Guzman from Jaleo at Disney Springs shows you how to prepare his mother’s soup – Sopa de Mani.


1.5 lb beef with bone (neck or rib), cut in pieces
1.5 lb chicken legs with bones (take out the skin)
4 oz. raw peanuts
1 white onion, peeled and chopped
1 carrot, diced
3 oz. peas (fresh or frozen)
1 stalk celery, finely chopped
½ red bell pepper, diced
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
3 cloves garlic, chopped
8 cups water
4 potatoes, cut into medium large cubes
1 teaspoon cumin
½ teaspoon oregano
¼ teaspoon Black pepper one pinch
½ lb canelon pasta
Salt to taste
1 small bunch parsley, chopped


1- Toast the caneloni pasta in a dry pan, stirring constantly over medium heat until golden brown (about 8 minutes). Set aside.

2- Soak the peanuts in hot water for 2 minutes so that they can be peeled easily. Drain them.

3- In the cup of a blender, mix the peanuts and a cup of cold water until you obtain a paste. Set aside.

4- In a large pot, heat the oil over medium heat and sauté the garlic.

5- Add the onion, carrot, peas, and celery.

6- Sauté over high heat for 5 minutes, stirring constantly.

7- Add the meat, red bell pepper, sauté over medium heat for 5 minutes and add water

8- Add the blended peanuts and stir well, cook for 15 minutes

9- Regularly stir as it could slightly attach to bottom of the pan.

10- Add the potatoes. Add salt, black pepper, cumin and oregano. Mix well.

11- Cook over medium heat for 5 minutes.

12- Add the toasted caneloni pasta.

13- Cook over low heat for 15 minutes, stirring regularly.

14- Finish with a spring of parsley at time of serving.